10 On Page search engine optimization tools

Search Engine Optimization Tools

The following is a check list of on page search engine optimization tools that you can use to make your blog go viral:

  1. Use Metatags in all your posts and pages. You can easily achieve this by using Yoasts WordPress SEO plugin or any other free or paid plugin you like.
  2. Put your Keywords in the Title, but still make it human readable. Example with the keyword phrase being on page SEO: “10 Things you must know about on page SEO” remember you are writing for humans not for search engines
  3. Optimize your category pages with at least 150 words of unique content, the more the better. The custom category pages plugin makes it even easier to add headlines, images, text and more.
  4. Use Images and videos or audio in your articles. Rich media can help to enhance the user experience and increase time spend on your site which again helps with SEO.
  5. Add proper alt tags to your images (including a keyword variation) or use the SEO Friendly Images plugin from the WordPress directory.
  6. Use rich snippets markup from schema.org to tell Google what your content is all about. For example if it’s a video or a review. This can help to increase CTR from the SERPs to your site, because your results may look different e.g. include yellow stars. All-in-one-Schema might help with this.
  7. Increase your page load time to deliver the site in less than three seconds. Google considers this a ranking factor today. Avoid huge images and use something like the smush.it plugin to reduce the file size.
  8. For long articles you could copy Wikipedia and add a table of contents there. This helps the user and also the web crawlers to scan your article faster.
  9. You must use a mobile responsive theme or have a separate mobile site in place. A large portion of your traffic might come from mobile devices so be ready to deliver to these readers and customers.
  10. Use comments to drive more traffic through long tail keywords. This works with WordPress comments or CommentLuv, but will not work with Disqus because these comments won’t get indexed (Because they aren’t hosted on your site!)

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In addition, also find a faster social sharing plugin to use like SumoMe that has the Sumo Image Sharer that can leverage image sharing to drive traffic or Social Warfare that can encourage traffic from Pinterest.

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